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Ledgers for Post Construction Projects, 1934-1964

Volume 1 includes ledgers for 1934 Public Works Administration (PWA) construction projects involving the Military Store, Maury-Brooke Hall, the Utilities Building, and the Mess Hall. It also includes ledgers for 1936 PWA construction projects involving the swimming pool and the Barracks.

Volume 2 includes ledgers for 1938-1939 PWA construction projects involving Preston Library and the Stables. It also includes ledgers for construction projects involving West Barracks (1948), faculty houses (1949), a Hospital extension (1950), Mallory Hall/Science Building (1950), Officers' Quarters (1952), Superintendent's Quarters (1952), and steam tunnels (1952).

Volume 3 includes ledgers for construction projects involving the enlarging of the Parade Ground (1953), the tunnel under Main Street (1953), repairs to the Old Pressing Shop (1954), the Guard Tree Memorial (1954), a public address system for the Parade Ground (1954), a transformer vault serving Scott Shipp and Cocke Halls (1954), the rehabilitation of the Cadet Battery (1953), Scott Shipp Hall (1954), Engineering Building (1954), Officers' Quarters (1954), improvements to the Auxiliary Drill Field and Physical Training Facilities (1954), the replacement of the Field House floor system (1954), the modernization of the Power Plant (1954), and several miscellaneous projects (1954-1955)


  • 1934-1964



3 Volumes