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Letter to Mildred C. Stanard, 1863 December 1

Letter to Mildred C. Stanard, 1863 December 1
Letter to Mildred C. Stanard, 1863 December 1
Written from VMI, Lexington, Virginia. Letter regards cadet life, family matters, and a desire to fight in the war.


  • 1863 December 1


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Virginia Military Institute
December the 1st 1863

My dear Sister,
Really everything is so dull and I write so often that I am puzzled to know how to commence this letter. I don’t think I owe you an apology for my long silence. For whenever I write home to any one member of the family, I intend, and I suppose my letters are read by you all. So none need complain. Mother you know deserves most letters, as she is so good about writing to me, and then such long and interesting letters. I am always overjoyed when I see her handwriting. I received her last written on the 27th and you cannot imagine how much I have been worried to think you all would be left in the enemies lines and that I should be cut off from all communication with you. But I am as yet ignorant of whether this has been done. I have commenced this letter with the hope that it may go direct and that you are still spared from the outrage of the enemy. Can it be that Gen. Lee intends falling back again around Richmond? I think it looks very much like it if they are moving commissary stores from Gordonsville. But I suppose before this is done, there will be a second Chancellorsville battle, therefore I will not despair until I hear the result. I am very much afraid that Lee has weakened his army so much by sending aid to Braggs (who it seems is doing nothing but allowing his men to be captured & falling back) that he will eventually be compelled to fall back to Richmond. When this is done I suppose we will be ordered out. We are rather better equipped now than we were when we went on out last cavalry expedition to Covington. I think if we do leave here, I will go with Dr. McGuire whom Mother says will give me a place. I ought to be there in the army now fighting for my home. Changing the subject, I attended the tableaux given last Friday night by the ladies for the benefit of the poor soldier, although I was dead broke at the time, thought as I had never been to anything of the sort here, and then it was my duty, borrowed the money to go. Some of the scenes were very pretty, but the smallness of the room and the immence[sic] crowd destroyed all the pleasure of being present. Capt. B the only person you know, acted the part of the “Irish Volunteer” It would be useless in me to attempt to describe the scenes, dress and etc. Will send you a programme and you can form an idea for yourself of what they ought to have been, at least how they looked. I don’t think it could have been as grand as those given by the ladies of Old Orange as the material was wanting. They realized I understand $600. Leela P. did not act. I don’t think she can be very popular. By the by I forgot to tell Champe, that she told a friend of mine that she was one of the wildest girls she ever saw and was wearing Gen. J’s ring. Tell C. she had better beware her reputation will be quite broad. I have never spoken to her since I came back. Tell Mother I got the $20. Hope that she has seen Willie’s and if he does not intent coming back soon will send me the money to pay for my overcoat & shoes. How I envy you all, eating fresh meat and sausages. Do you think I hadn’t forgotten there was such a thing. I hope you all have gotten your pork and lower than the market price which is frightful. Mr. Shaw is a fortunate man in having any left. So poor Lil is gone at last. I suppose there was a universal weeping. $800 I think was a very good price. What has Mr. C. put where it is. Did Mr. S. go to Gen Lee? Willis is not coming back. Has sent his resignation. Did he give Mr. S the shot I sent. I have drawn a sketch of Charleston & vicinity from one I have seen. Will send home for you all to see soon. The drum has just beat for dress parade so I must close. Remember me to all enquiring friends, and now for each and every member of the family give oceans of love and accept for yourself & hubby and little darling a due portion.
Write soon, goodbye

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